Which Dog Suits your Lifestyle

Which Dog is for You?

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A four-legged companion in your life can bring a lot of rewards. Not only does a pet offer love and affection, but they can help keep your immune system strong, reduce depression, even lower blood pressure.

Part of finding the right dog, of course, is looking at your current lifestyle. What hobbies do you enjoy? Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Is the dog meant for you and/or the kids, or grandma? A dog should be for life, or at least the dog’s life, so think hard about the pooch you hope to have, do your research, before getting one.


Dogs for Fitness Buffs

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If you love the great outdoors, you probably want a dog that shares your joy. Just about every dog loves to get out and about, but breeds that adore long daily walks or vigorous exercise tend to be medium to large breeds. These include Doberman pinschers, Rottweilers, Irish and English setters, Weimaraners, Border collies, most pointers, German shepherds, and Dalmatians.

Another smaller breed that is not afraid of exercise is the good old Staffi!!


Dogs That Love Kids

Just about every kind of dog can turn out to be a great companion for a child, but there are some breeds that are particularly known for their love of children. Beagles and Boxers are good for little kids who love to run and play, Dachshunds are great for gentle, older kids, while Labradors and Saint Bernards adore having children of all ages to play with and protect.


Independent Dogs for Busy Bees

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You’re a busy one, always on the go. While dogs are pack animals and need companionship, some dogs are more independent than others and may fit your busier life. These include Alaskan malamutes, Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds), and Chinese Shar-peis. You can also help your pup cope with your absence by having two dogs, and they don’t need to be a matching set. E.g. a Lab can find great companionship with a Papillon.


Attention Dogs and Homebodies

You’ve got a lot of love and affection to give. If you want a pup that thrives on human companionship, think Pomeranian, Chinese crested, French bulldog, or Toy poodle. For a dog that loves your attention and is a good watchdog too, one who’ll bark when strangers are near, your ideal canine mate may be a Beagle, Bloodhound, or American Cocker Spaniel.


Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

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Because all dogs have a protein in their saliva and dander (flakes of dead skin) to which some people may be allergic, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Yet some dogs do produce less dander, while others shed less and therefor don’t drop as much dander-laden fur around the house. Dogs that allergy sufferers may consider include Schnauzers, Poodles, Bichon frises, and Portuguese water dogs.


Need Motivation? Walking Breeds

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If you need a little incentive to get out for a bit of exercise — perhaps you’re coping with hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease — think about a pooch that delights in walking, such as Akitas, Clumber spaniels, Airedales, or American Eskimo dogs. Small pups like Pomeranians and Toy poodles also enjoy walks, but they need much shorter strolls than larger breeds.


Beachcomber Breeds

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Whether you love the sea’s salty tang or playing at the river’s edge, a golden retriever loves to be right there beside you. Another aquatic pooch is the Portuguese water dog, which has a waterproof coat and loves fun with family. Make sure your water-loving dog doesn’t get dehydrated, sunburned, or drink salt water, and never leave your pup alone near water.


Dog Adoption

Whether you want a mixed or pure-breed dog, you can often find the right pup or adult dog at the SPCA or a dog rescue group. These organisations accept hundreds of dogs of every type and temperament. Give them a go first when looking for a dog, so these abandoned animals can join a new family and be happy and loved again.

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