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Horse suffering from sun burn

Hi Hannelore,
Thanks for getting the Sol200 to me. It arrived just in time.
Bellawongarah Stirling Silver (8yr old purebred Arabian stallion) was just starting to show signs of sunburn. It has been and continues to be a very hot summer with high uv readings.I used the Sol200 as per your suggestions and it has stopped the sunburn in its tracks.

Last year I had a bad time with Stirling getting very badly sun burnt. I preserved with White Healer and cleared the sunburn up but was difficult time as he didn’t like me handling his face. Some photos are attached.

Greg H. – Tasmania, Australia


Old pony with Cushings disease

Pony with Cushings

I acquired an old RDA pony a year ago and was told he had Cushings so as a family who uses only homeopathic remedies I sought the advice of Hannelore, a Homeopath who I found on an equine information site.

She is very good and very thorough. She suggested, and sent me, some very simple and inexpensive remedies. Dunny immediately ‘perked’ up in himself and started to molt lightly as soon as he started his medication. I used a full course then on Hannelore’s advice, stopped to see if he could then hold his own. However roughly 3 months later I noticed his coat was becoming very thick and coarse again, so have since re-started the remedies.

Tina Dobson


Cat with itchy skin around the throat area

This cat was scratching itself raw, even until it was bleeding, around the area of his throat.

Dave Brown


Gelding with fear of syringes and hard nodules on the shoulder


When I bought my gelding 2 years ago he came with an unexplained fear response of worming/drenching and people associated with this. All I was told he needed ‘vet sedation’ for worming. He also had a cluster of benign lumps or nodules on his shoulder. After spending money on traditional training to overcome his fear to no avail I contacted Hannelore to consider homeopathy. I’ve been more than pleased with the results. The lumps on his shoulder have reduced in size and number.

With regards to his fear, I can now get him to approach the syringe and suck it, without needing to hold him, this is still work in progress. But achieved without causing him any distress most importantly. Hannelore has been so supportive and understanding in dealing with my horse’s fear. She gives excellent follow up after the initial consultation. Many thanks to Hannelore.



Labrador with arthritis


Hannelore treated our 11 year old Labrador for arthritis in his hind quarters. He thoroughly enjoyed the treatment, always lining up for more when Hannelore arrived – by the end of the session he was very relaxed and ready for a great grandpa nap. He showed amazing improvement in his hind legs, not so stiff and sore, with increased mobility when tackling steps. Hannelore’s attention to detail and strong observation skills enables her to make sound judgements when it comes to ongoing treatment and care of our Labrador. Many thanks Hannelore.

Darrin & Maree Cook


King Charles Cavalier with stiffness in hip joints

king charles

We have a 10 year old female Cavalier who still loves her one kilometer walk each day but has been getting stiff and sore in her hip joints. At times we have needed to use pain medication to help her movements particularly in climbing stairs in the later part of the day and evening. After three Animal Bowen Therapy sessions with Hannelore Kemme she was able to walk more freely and since that time which was several months ago we have not used pain medication again.

G & M


Cocker Spaniel with regular and violent Epileptic fits

cocker spaniel

Our 6 year Spaniel has had epileptic fits since 2006. They were very regular and violent. We changed diet and she was given medication, but she still had them every 4 weeks. In Nov 2010 Hannelore treated our dog Homeopathically and when I am writing this she has not had a fit for 16 weeks!!

We are thrilled by this great result and are so happy for our lovely dog, not having to go through this anymore. We feel Homeopathy is a great therapy and has given our dog a great result. I would recommend Hannelore’s services to anyone.

Helen S.


Boomer with separation anxiety


Since January 2007 we are the owners of a female Boomer (a mixture of a Shi Tzu with a Maltese dog). She was 9 weeks old when she came to live with us, but she had problems right from the beginning.

She developed separation anxiety in a severe way and it made no difference whether she stayed in a bench all night (until she was one year old) or whether she was walking around in the living room.

She also created a trauma in her head for her vet, especially for the doorbell he had, so she became afraid of every doorbell that sounded similar as the vet’s bell. Unfortunately we had to visit the vet a lot: she was sterilized at 8 months old and then had a tearing of her scar, for which she needed surgery again.

When she was two years old, a car or scooter ran over her when she had managed to open the front door at night and she wandered on the street by herself. Luckily she found her way back home again, but her pelvis was broken in two separate areas. It all healed very slowly because she remained restless in spite of her broken bones. She had to go through a lot of consultations and X-rays with the vet again.

After that she developed an obsession for closed doors. She jumped against every door she could reach during the night, trying to get it open. Almost every morning she had a foaming mouth and was exhausted all day from jumping but we weren’t able to reassure her, no matter what we tried. (leaving a light or the radio on during the night; covering the windows; locking her in a smaller room than the living room; leaving some of the doors open, making big walks with her during the day up to ten miles, etc.). Together with the veterinarian we decided to put her on anti-epileptic medication what made her a little more relaxed but she kept on jumping anyway, now without the foaming though…

Sometimes when we wanted to go away for 3 or 4 hours she would pee and poop inside the house due to her separation anxiety. She would also scratch her belly when insecure.

In July 2012 we decided to try some new things with her after consulting Hannelore: we would leave doors open at night so Emmy could hear and smell us and we would start a Homeopathic remedy Hannelore had picked out for Emmy after answering a lot of questions about her behavior. If things improved we would discuss with our Vet to reduce her anti-epileptic medication.

Soon after starting her on the Homeopathic remedy, Emmy became more relaxed and she even seemed to understand us more in what we expected from her. At night of course she wanted to be as close as possible with us in the beginning but she also accepted a comfortable spot in the corridor next to our room. She sometimes even went downstairs again in the middle of the night and slept on a chair there! She also became a lot more relaxed when left alone during the day.

Unfortunately she was still scratching her skin during the day every time she felt insecure and was licking her paws in a more neurotic way. On the other hand we also saw some other things developing; she never understood how to play with a toy unless we would play with her. But after taking the remedy she taught herself how to do that and she really enjoys how to play with a little ball now for example.
We let Hannelore know about the improvements, but we also told her about the scratching and licking. She recommended we repeat the remedy for another week.

Fortunately Hannelore had planned to come to Holland for six weeks, and during that stay she gave two Bowen treatments to Emmy to help her re-balance herself and get her more relaxed.
Emmy enjoyed those sessions right from the beginning! It was even funny to watch how she reacted in a very positive way to Hannelore!!

It has now been 7 months since her last Bowen treatment and we still keep in contact about Emmy. As soon as Emmy’s “bad” behavior is getting the upper hand we can start the remedy again after consulting Hannelore. But so far there has been no need for that. Emmy is still improving with little steps: she sleeps all night in a chair upstairs, at the end of the corridor and she is obeying really well. Even when she starts scratching or licking her paws we just say that she is not allowed to do so and then she stops! That is amazing!! She is also no longer on the epileptic medication.

Thank you very much Hannelore for all your advice and consultations and for doing the Bowen treatment on her! It all helped to let Emmy be a better and happier dog!!

Emmy and Evelyn!


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