Most Cuddly Cat Breeds

What are the most cuddly Cat breeds?


While most cats are more than happy to be a bit, shall we say, aloof, there are some breeds out there that actually love nothing more than a good snuggle with their owners.

If your own favourite breed isn’t spotlighted, no hissing, please – this is by no means a conclusive study. Having said that, here are some breeds that tend to top the charts when it comes to their affection connection with humans.


Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight


Snuggly as a stuffed toy, this sweet cat (which comes in either a folded or upright ears variety) is so mellow that many will even let kids dress them up in doll clothes.

They want to be with their special person every minute—you can’t walk from one room to another without them following at your heels. Quiet and easy-going with a sweet facial expression, the Scottish Fold is a great family pet because they adore their families. This is a cat that won’t pester you to be “in your face,” but makes it clear that it wishes to be near you.




The Ragdoll (so named because they tend to go limp in your arms, just like the soft ragdoll toys of our grandparents’ generation) is a breed that tends to be quiet and laid back, but is very loving.

Deceptively muscular, yet soft at the same time, Ragdolls are the ideal indoor cats because they’re so happy and interested in being part of the household.

Much like Scottish Folds, a Ragdoll will even tolerate being dressed up like a doll, because they love kids and adults alike. The Ragdoll’s tiny meow is more of a chirp, and those lucky enough to live with one will hear that merry sound quite a bit, as this sweet kitty tells everyone how happy it is to be part of the action.




Exceptionally social, the Tonkinese needs a home where there’s a great affection between the cat and his or her owner.

The Tonkinese is an intelligent cat that thrives on attention and is quick to return it as well.  Tonkinese are a gregarious breed, equally loving to all members of the family.

These are vocal cats that will hold engaging and meaningful conversations with you. For a Tonkinese, nothing is more important in life than being close to their person, and they’ll spend hours contentedly cuddling and purring.




Just call this breed the mood ring of cats. If you’re happy, they’re there, ready to play, but if you’ve had a bad day, the Birman is on hand to quietly comfort and console you.

They are very people-oriented and loyal.
Intuitive, freely affectionate, and loving, Birmans offer a shoulder to cry on, but they will also entertain you like a kitten, energetically playing their favourite kitty games for hours.


Oriental Shorthair/Siamese


Differing only in coloration – the Siamese has “colorpoints” that contrast with his creamy body while the Oriental comes in every hue and pattern – both are lively and outspoken, but equally devoted and loving.

They are quite vocal and can be more active than many other breeds, playing during the day and love to cuddle up in your bed at night.




Virtually the same cat in different shades, the sable-brown Burmese and the jet-black Bombay are sweet-natured kitties who will make themselves at home in any available lap.

They are social cats who thrive on attention from their family members, whether it be infants, elderly, or anyone in between. They make friends with everyone including strangers. With a Burmese or Bombay in the house, no one will ever feel alone!

Source: Kathy Blumenstock / PetMD



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