How to Support your Animal during Fireworks

Animals and Fireworks do not go well together.


Fireworks are enjoyed by people year-round but are often a source of fear for many animals. Here in New Zealand Guy Fawkes Day is a dreaded day by many pet and horse owners. A little bit of forward planning can make a big difference.  There are some Homeopathic remedies that can help your animal deal with the fear. One well known is Rescue Remedy. Another one you could consider is Phosphorus30C or the combination remedy: PetMed Distress. If you want more advice on this, Please feel free to contact me.

Below some other tips to make fireworks less frightening for your pet:


Dogs and Cats

Make sure your dog or cat has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and has access to this place at all times. For example, this could be under some furniture or in a cupboard.


During firework seasons, walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off.

At nightfall close windows and curtains and put on music to muffle the sound of fireworks.

Have the TV or radio playing to even out the noise.

Give them their favourite toy to play with or a bone to keep them occupied and distracted.

Give cats some catnip.

Never punish or fuss over your pet when it’s scared as this will only make things worse in the long run.

Make sure your cat or dog is always kept in a safe and secure environment and can’t escape if there’s a sudden noise.

If your pets live outside, partly cover cages, pens and aviaries with blankets so that one area is well sound-proofed. Make sure that your pet is still able to look out.

Provide lots of extra bedding so your pet has something to burrow in.


Paddock animals

Mother with baby

Ask neighbours to refrain from setting off fireworks or set it off on the other side of their house or in the opposite direction from your paddock.

Make sure your animals are in a safe paddock they know well and have enough room to run around if they do go into a panic.

Put suitable Homeopathic remedies in their troughs on the day fireworks are expected, to help calm them down.

I can only hope that all animals will survive the Fireworks season and that the private sale of Fireworks will be banned.


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