Horse with Grass Allergy

Mare with Grass Allergy

I was approached by a lady, from one of the RDA’s in this country, who uses Homeopathy for their horses when possible, which is great!

One of their recently acquired horses developed a reaction to the grass in particular paddocks. The main symptoms that developed in the week before they approached me were:

  • She had a slight clear discharge that then changed to a more cloudy discharge.
  • She had some hives at the neck/ shoulder junction on the right-hand side.
  • She has been scratching with her teeth at both stifles and has broken the skin on both.  She rubbed her tail several times in the stall that morning.
  • Her eyes are fine lovely and clear.
  • She has been on edge whether ridden or lead in sessions.
  • When riding she has a head flick when in the paddock, she has more of a head nod.

The lady contacting me was hoping that I could maybe help the mare, as she realised that the symptoms produced are just that, symptoms of something deeper happening.

What I had to find out was whether this mare was allergic to grass pollen (usually due to either a compromised immune system or general sensitivity) or that there was something else going on. I asked some additional questions and from the answers I concluded that it looked like “just” a grass allergy.

I prescribed a remedy called “Mixed grass pollen”, to give for a week. If this would not make a difference, we would have to start “digging deeper”.

When I checked in with the RDA lady 4 weeks later, she sent me the following message:

“I think the remedy worked as we didn’t restrict her grass access for a couple of days, and in that time her nose discharged changed to clear then disappeared, and her head flicking stopped completely.  She was still flighty but only 50% so 😊. She has improved greatly in the last 10 days.  Her symptoms are nearly nil as long as we are restricting her access to the paddock grass and buttercup!!  She is back to being her usual calm self with really only the odd cough some days. Thank you so very much for your help and for checking up on our mare.”

So, a great result and they have a calm and happy horse again.

I normally do not mention the Homeopathic remedy as prescriptions are for a particular animal. However in this case it was more an “acute” prescription, where we did not have to go that deep. “Mixed grass pollen (30C)” is definitely a remedy for you to try if you have a horse that is sensitive to grass.


If you would like to know more about dealing with grass or other allergies, or have an animal with other health issues, please feel free to contact me.



Please note: The owner of the horse has given permission to publish this case. The photo’s are not of the horse discussed in this case. This case was taken per phone consultation.

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