Early Warning Signs in Dogs

Early warning signs of internal imbalance in Dogs

By Hannelore Kemme – Animal Homeopath (DipHom / RCHOM)


There seems to be more and more chronic diseases developing in our dogs (as well as cats & horses) these days. A big one is skin problems, but there is also more and more cancer, pancreatitis, diabetes, all sorts of allergies and so on. It would be great if we could pick up on any dis-ease at an early stage, so you can do something about it and restore your pet back to health.

So, what should you look for that could be an early warning sign in dogs that would tell you they are not a 100%? The signs can be quite subtle, and you may think that whatever it is, is “normal” while actually, it isn’t.

Fleas could be an early warning sign.

I will list below some early warning signs that could tell you, the immune system of your pet may be compromised, which could enable dis-eases to develop.


Doggy odor

Healthy dogs do not smell or leave a smell on your hands when you pet them. So, if your dog is becoming smelly or was always slightly smelly, but it is getting worse, it could mean its immune system compromised.



An animal has pica when it is eating weird things. A dog or cat eating some grass occasionally is normal, or a dog eating horse poo once in a while is also ok, but a dog, eating the poo of the family cat or eating dirt or plastic or rubber bands is not normal.


Bad breath

Bad breath could be coming from the mouth or the stomach. Bad breath could be caused by tartar on teeth and is an early warning sign. It could lead to Gingivitis and rotting teeth. An unhealthy mouth could lead to other problems further down the track. If your dog’s mouth is fine, it could come from the stomach meaning the digestive system could be compromised.


Red line on gums

Healthy gums are pink, although some dogs may have some dark blackish spots on their gums naturally. However, when you see redness appearing and/or swelling of the gums, this may indicate some inflammation going on.


Fleas and/or worms

Did you know that a healthy animal is not affected by fleas or worms? A healthy immune system or vital force fleas does not attract fleas and is able to deal with worms naturally and keeping them under control.



There is a saying “we are what we eat” and that is definitely true for animals as well. There is a big industry behind pet food and there is a range of varieties and qualities.

The main problem with a lot of the processed foods is the sugar, like in human foods, and that is causing all sorts of problems.

Even if you have been advised by your Vet to give your pet a special kibble (e.g. for allergies) or have to feed at certain times to prevent constipation for example or keep certain symptoms at bay, that is a sign of internal imbalance.

I advise all my clients that come with different disease states to look at the animal’s diet first.

If the diet is good and there are still issues, then some Homeopathic support may help to get your animal back to health again.

Ref: Dr. Christina Chambreau – Holistic Veterinarian


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