Natural Treatments for Conjunctivitis in Dogs Conjunctivitis is an itchy inflammation of the tissue that coats the eye and the lining of the eyelids (conjunctiva) It is as common in dogs as it is in humans. Conjunctivitis can be an issue by itself or because of another eye problem. While […]

Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Top Ten signs your Pet may have Diabetes Hyperglycemia, abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood, is a hallmark sign of diabetes. Insulin, a hormone produced and released by the pancreas, plays a key role in maintaining normal sugar levels. Low levels or absolute deficiency of insulin results in abnormally […]

Diabetes in Pets on the Rise!

While your dog may enjoy digging, it can be quite annoying for you, the owners. Not only can digging be very destructive to your property, it could also give our beloved pups a possible escape route. So why do our dogs suddenly dig holes, and how can you stop it? […]

Why do dogs dig holes?

What is InterVertebral Disc Disease? I have been and am treating several elderly dogs that have a weakness in their hind quarter, usually just from old age, with Bowen Therapy. They get a monthly or two monthly treatment to improve their quality of life, so they can keep enjoying their […]

What is IVDD in dogs?

Dog Skin Issues Watching your dog constantly scratching or licking can be distressing and irritating. But don’t blame your dog for these bad habits — a skin condition is probably the cause. Possible causes range from parasites to allergies or underlying illness. Following an earlier article on skin issues in […]

Dog Skin Problems (part 2)

6 Common Paw Problems in Dogs Source: Carol McCarthy / PetMD Dogs feet are generally hardy, and minor cuts and abrasions usually heal quickly, but some injuries and conditions need your or your Vet’s attention. Homeopathy can also help in paw issues. Here are some common paw problems and what […]

Paw Problems in Dogs