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Skin Problems in Dogs. Watching your dog constantly scratching or licking can be distressing and irritating. But don’t blame your dog for these bad habits — a skin condition is probably the culprit. Possible causes range from parasites to allergies or underlying illness. Below an overview with images of some […]

Dog Skin Problems (part 1)

What is hyperthyroidism? Hyperthyroidism is a common disease in cats, and mostly affects middle-aged and older cats. It is characterized by the overproduction of thyroid hormone from an enlarged thyroid gland in a cat’s neck. Cats have two thyroid glands and they play a vital role in regulating the body’s […]

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

The Do’s and Don’ts of Feeding Treats to your Horse We all enjoy a treat once in a while – a nice warm brownie fresh out of the oven, a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer day – and our horses are no different. They will enjoy a treat from […]

Treats for your Horse

Holistic approach to earproblems. Source: Julie Henriques / Dogs naturally Does your dog have itchy, gunky, smelly or even painful ears that just don’t seem to get better?If you answered yes, you’re not alone. It can be very hard and frustrating to get rid of chronic ear issues once and […]

Ear Problems in Dogs

(Source webmd) Who can resist those big brown eyes and cute doggie grin? Can a little reward from the table really hurt your dog? Well, that depends on what it is. A chip with guacamole can cause your dog some real problems. In fact, there’s a lot of people food […]

Human Food Dangerous for Dogs

Why and how do cats purr? Source: PetWebMD and Purina Purring is the most common sound cats make. Yet we know less about it than meowing, chattering, hissing, and growling. We love to hear our cats purr. There is nothing better than a purring cat curled up on your lap, […]

Why do Cats Purr?

Ref: / Vet Pro Equine skin conditions are often difficult to diagnose and can be frustrating to treat, with causes ranging from fungus to allergens to who-knows-what. Below a range of common equine skin conditions and what you can do in some cases to treat and/or prevent. Rain scald […]

Equine Skin Conditions (part 2)

Early warning signs of internal imbalance in Dogs By Hannelore Kemme – Animal Homeopath (DipHom / RCHOM) There seems to be more and more chronic diseases developing in our dogs (as well as cats & horses) these days. A big one is skin problems, but there is also more and […]

Early Warning Signs in Dogs