Cat with Skin issue on tail

This client came to me in July 2021 with this beautiful male Cornish Rex, that had a “hotspot” kind of skin issue on the base of his tail.

The cat had been for his annual vaccination in April 2021, but the owner noticed he was not being totally himself on that day. The owner then noticed he did not urinate that evening. He was taken to the vet again and diagnosed with a UTI (urinary tract infection), for which he received treatment.

The vet had also noticed a spot under the base of the tail. The cat started licking that spot quite regularly the next day. The Vet had advised Neosoothe, but that did not work. The owner has had several vets looking at it, including a skin specialist and given treatment, but nothing worked. The spot stayed the same all that time, also in size.

The wound looked like the top skin layer has been taken off and it is oozing serum. A bit like a hotspot. Sometimes the wound looked very red and other times pinkish. When the cat was at my clinic it looked more pink but later turned a bit more red. The base of her tail felt warmer than the rest of his body. The cat was not constantly licking it. Sometimes the discharge was more yellow creamy like.

The cat is a very laid back, but does fight with neighbourhood cats.

When analysing the case, I took the vaccination into account, as he has had a bad reaction to a certain vaccination in the past. The cat was also not feeling well beforehand, probably due to the developing UTI. So, it was not 100% clear if the spot was the result of the vaccination or UTI related. The first two remedies did not do anything. However, there are several remedies that can deal with the effects of vaccination and after I had prescribed two other remedies to be given at the same time the spot started to change and become smaller. The succesfull remedies were started on 26 July and given for only 5 days. Please see before and after pictures below.


Please note: The owner of the cat has given permission to publish this case. No names are used for privacy reasons. The photos are of the cat discussed in this case. I do not name the Homeopathic remedies used in this case, as prescriptions are for a particular animal. This case was taken in Tauranga, New Zealand.


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