Cat with Skin Cancer

Cat with skin cancer from sunburn (includes before and after pictures).

This client came to me with a male cat called Mario, who was diagnosed with skin cancer on his left ear. He also had some spots in his right ear, on his right nostril and above his right eye. Cause is probably exposure to UV as Mario loves to sunbath on top of the BBQ and he is light skinned.

The owners had not thought about sunburn when they saw some “dirt” on his ears and nose and have just cleaned it. There was never any discharge or bleeding from cleaning off scabs and he did not seem too bothered with it. So, the cancer spots were probably not painful.

The Vet had seen the cat a year ago, but was not too worried then, but now he wanted to treat it, meaning cutting of the affected part of the ear, which has the biggest spot and has a black scab. The owner thought that was a bit too invasive and wanted to try Homeopathy first.

Mario is a pretty chilled cat and loves people. He is a social cat who will eat when his humans eat. He also talks a lot! When another cat came into the family, he was a real gentleman, while the other cat was not so nice. He gets on well with the family dog, but Mario is boss though!! He used to climb and jump up, but he is a bit more hesitant these days (old age??). He is otherwise still very active.

I prescribed several remedies for Mario, including a cancer remedy and “Sol 30C” for sunburn. This last one he will be getting weekly in his water for the rest of his life to help prevent sunburn, especially during the summer months.

The improvements came very fast as you can see in the before and after pictures above. Needless to say, the client is very happy surgery is off the table for now.


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