Cat with Chronic Wound

The owner of this male cat contacted me because he had a wound in his neck that would not heal, also because the cat kept scratching it. It started when the cat had a neck collar on after being neutered at 6 months. He is now 6 yrs old. It usually got worse when he was due for a flea treatment, so that may have helped suppressing the itch for a while. He would sometimes also get a wound/scab on his bum, but that would heal again and was not present when I saw him.

He is a very friendly cat, placid and gentle. He will not stand up for himself and gets beaten up by other cats. There are a lot of new cats in the neighbourhood.

On July 1st, he was attacked by another cat and they found him paralysed, The wound was a lot worse and his neck looked crooked. The paralysis was resolved with antibiotics, pain relief and steroids. However the wound stayed. There was a crust on it and sometimes there was a liquid/creamy discharge that did not have a bad smell.

Last Vet visit was in October 2018 and he received a steroid injection. However, that did nothing.

The day before I saw the cat the wound looked quite dark purple. The wound is on the left side. He has always been an anxious cat, but it is worse since the attack. The cat has no other health issues.

I prescribed a suitable remedy and gave 3 doses over 24 hours. Followed a week later by a flea and skin support combination remedy twice daily for 7 days.

When following up a week later, the owner told me that initially the wound became worse, purple and yukkie, but then the next day it all cleared up, the wound closed and is looking very good now. The cat was not scratching it anymore.

In the second follow up two weeks later, the owner told me that wound got worse again a second time, but was healing again. The wound was a lot smaller now and hair was growing back. It had reduced by about 75% in size.

I advised to give his body some more time to heal and not repeat any of the remedies at that stage.

I had contact again two weeks later and the owner told me that the cat was 100%!! The wound has completely healed and has not come back since then.

A great result and a happy cat and owner.


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