Baby Goat with bad reaction to Vaccination

Day 1

Beginning of November 2019, my client called about a 2 months old buck, Charlie. He was vaccinated for Tetanus, before being castrated and he had a bad reaction. He was very lethargic very soon after the vaccination and was also shivering. He also developed a fever. He was not complaining when they bound his testicles (which is unusual!) and then developed a high temperature of 40+ Celsius last Sunday. Normal is between 38.9 to 39.5 Celsius.

He was taken to vet who gave antibiotics. It helped a bit with lowering his temperature, but it went up again shortly after. She put him outside and then he became too cold 37.3. She was very worried as he was still very lethargic and not drinking.

Advised one dose of Ledum 30C, followed by 3 doses of Thuja 30C over 24 hours.


Day 2

The next day client gave me an update: “Thanks a lot. He has improved. He had his ears up, was more alert, nibbling a bit on grass, and drank a little bit of milk.”

He still had trouble keeping his temperature stable / up. Last night it was a bit low, so client put him in the laundry. It was still low this morning, but became normal during the day.

Client wrote: “Yesterday I thought he was not going to make it, now I am hopeful.”


Day 3

Charlie is doing well, drank whole bottle of milk and ate some rose twigs. However, he keeps being on the low side temperature wise: 37.5, despite being inside and having a blanket on. Advised to give another dose of Ledum 30C.


Day 4/5

He was quite good yesterday, could keep up his temp but she had him inside by the heater. He was eating well but this morning temp was 37.1. It went up a bit later to 37.8.

She is also giving him Echinacea and B vitamins.

Advised to give him one more dose of Ledum 30C.


Day 6

Client update: “This morning his temp was 38.3 but now it has dropped to 37.7. He had taken his coat off during the night. The heater was not on because I wanted to try and take him outside. He is eating well. I think he responded well to the Ledum.”

She put him outside with his family, as it was quite warm in the sun. Client asked if she should give another dose.

Decided on change of plan. Combining Thuja 30C and Silica 30C which are both good for ailments from vaccinations and sensitivity to cold. Thuja and Silica enhance each other. Just a single dose.


Day 8

Client update: “Hi Hannelore, At last I think we have beaten whatever it was. His temp just now 38.9. He has been in the paddock for a couple of days now. Was low yesterday morning but kept him outside, it was quite warm in the sun out of the wind. Thank you very much. I think he will be alright now.”

Charlie has been fine since :-).


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