Dog Care


Is your best friend unwell, in pain or looking sad?

Dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend and they have been for a significant period of time. They give unconditional love and joy to our lives. Whether you have them as a pet or for agility, as a farmhand or for show, like us humans they can have accidents or become unwell. But they can also suffer from mental emotional issues like fear and grief (e.g due to death of owner or other dog in the household). You will find a list of common conditions further down this page.

Most people take a sick or injured animal to their Vet first. The Vet can give a diagnosis and can often resolve the problem. However you may want to stay away from drugs and help get your dog back to health in a more natural way.

The risk with drugs is that they often suppress symptoms, but not really solve the problem and symptoms can re-appear when the drugs stop working. Also the long term use of drugs can cause serious side effects.

Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy can offer a safe, gentle and effective treatment for many conditions. You will find a list of common conditions further down this page. Contact me per email or call me on 07 548 0824 to discuss your dog’s health problem.


My holistic approach to disease.

Finding a clear definition of disease is not easy. Neither is finding one for health. From a holistic point of view I see disease as an expression of an imbalance in the body. This could be either physical, mental or both.


The imbalance can be on many levels, hormonal, digestive, lymphatic, muscular skeletal, neurological etc. The disease can express itself in certain symptoms, like itchy skin, abscesses, rashes, lameness, pain, fever, coughs and so on. In order to restore your dog back to health, we need to restore the balance.

Both Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy aim to help your dog to restore that balance and stimulate the so called vital force. This way the dog is able to heal itself and results in a lasting solution for your animal.


Common conditions in Dogs

If your dog is suffering from any of the conditions listed below or from any other illness or discomfort, contact me per email or call me on 07 548 0824 to discuss how Bowen Therapy or Homeopathy can help. Below you will find a brief comment with each condition.



Dog abscess paw

An abscess occurs when an infection develops in a part of the body that is capable of opening into a pocket. Most commonly this happens under the skin as a result of a puncture wound. Bites and scratches from a fight are the most common cause. The first sign of an abscess is usually a soft swelling under the skin. This can be painful, but often there is little or no pain. The pocket fills with pus and at some point the abscess will rupture. After that the wound from the rupture will usually heal. Abscesses can be treated with Homeopathy.



Arthritis is inflammation of a joint in any location, though we generally think of it in relation to limbs. There are two main types of arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis refers to an auto-immune disease where the body attacks the joint tissues causing inflammation and pain. Osteoarthritis is also called degenerative joint disease and is partly nutritional as well as the result of chronic trauma to the joints. The inflammation usually creates pain when the joint is moving. Arthritis can be supported with Homeopathy and/or Bowen therapy.


Compulsive licking & chewing

When you dog is constantly licking and chewing certain areas of its body, the dog may have flees or other skin issue. However when there is no obvious cause, compulsive licking and chewing is often a sign of stress. This can be treated with Homeopathy.


Convulsions – Seizures – Epileptic fits

Convulsions are involuntary and uncontrolled spasmodic movements, often with clamping of the jaw. It is usually accompanied by salivation and the dog may fall on its side.

If your dog is suffering from seizures it is important to go the Vet first, as they can be a result of another underlying condition that may be serious. If there is no obvious cause for the convulsions, we say the dog has epilepsy. Change of diet and/or weight loss if the dog is too heavy for its size and breed could make a difference. Convulsions can be treated with Homeopathy (see success story further down this page).



Diarrhoea is a way for the body to remove toxins and waste material quickly. Because diarrhoea can easily lead to dehydration, be sure your dog has plenty of clean water available. Causes for acute diarrhoea include ingestion of toxins or bacteria as in food poisoning, virus infections (e.g. Parvo virus), parasites (e.g. worms) and mental stress. Diarrhoea can also be a side effect of certain drugs.

When a dog has chronic diarrhoea, there is usually something else going on in the body and the immune system is not able to cope. The causes can be many, including poor diet or repeated vaccination for viruses that cause acute diarrhoea. If the diarrhoea persists and lasts for more than two days and/or your dog is dehydrated and lethargic, take it to the Vet first for an examination. Diarrhoea can be treated with Homeopathy.


Ear infections

As with skin disease, most ear infections are an external manifestation of internal chronic disease. Although the ear canals are delicate structures and are easily infected, the “infection” occurs only in animals that have an underlying weakness, that allow bacteria or fungi to grow. Mild cleaning solutions and soothing herbs will help the body do what it is attempting to, which is cleaning the ear to remove over growing organisms and possibly toxins. Ear infections can be treated with Homeopathy.


Fear & Anxiety

A dog can express its fear in many ways. For example: hiding, involuntary peeing, barking, being submissive, tail between the legs, running away and many more.

There are many kinds of fear and anxiety. Your dog can have fear for thunder and loud noises, strangers, men, strange places etc. Your dog may have fear of being left on its own, fear of being separated, or of being touched.

There are many causes of fear including abuse, past trauma (physical or mental), having been attacked by another dog or simply having been neglected. Fear and anxiety can be treated effectively with Homeopathy.



As we all know, dogs do have feelings! When a dog loses a member of the family, its owner or other animals in the household a dog can be affected by that loss.

But also a neglected dog can have grief and feel sad. The dog can become withdrawn, sad and not wanting to eat or play and is just pining a way in a corner. However it can also result in physical symptoms, like constipation. Grief can be treated effectively with Homeopathy.


Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a poor development of the hip-joint in dogs. The ball and socket of the hip-joint have not been formed correctly. This creates an unstable joint, which leads to inflammation (arthritis) and to calcium deposits in an attempt of the body to stabilize the joint. It is thought to be inherited and is more common in larger dogs.

Vitamin C is especially important during pregnancy and for the first 6 months of a puppy’s life if there is a risk of hip dysplasia. The vitamin helps strengthen the ligaments around the hip and encourages the formation of a deep ball and socket joint. Hip dysplasia can be supported with Homeopathy and/or Bowen therapy.


Hot spots

A hot spot is a warm, painful, swollen patch of skin 1 to 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm) across that exudes pus and gives off a foul odor. Hair in the area is often lost. The infection progresses when the dog licks and chews the site. These circular patches appear suddenly and enlarge quickly.

Hot spots can occur anywhere on the body and often in more than one spot. Hot spots occur most often in breeds with heavy coats, and tend to appear just before shedding, when moist, dead hair is trapped next to the skin. Fleas, mites and other skin parasites, skin allergies, ear and anal gland infections or neglected grooming are other factors that can initiate the itch-scratch-itch cycle.

In hot, humid weather, always be sure to dry your heavy-coated dog thoroughly after bathing and swimming. Otherwise, the conditions are perfect for a hot spot to develop. Hotspots can be treated with Homeopathy.


Kennel cough

This is an inflammation of the lower respiratory tract. The classic symptom of kennel cough is a persistent, forceful cough. Although kennel cough can sound terrible, most of the time it is not a serious condition. Kennel cough is contagious however. If you think your dog might have the condition, you should keep him away from other animals and contact your Vet. Although most cases of kennel cough will resolve without treatment, some support may speed up the recovery. Kennel cough can be supported with Homeopathy.



This is a highly contagious viral infection which mainly affects puppies, although older animals are also susceptible to some degree. The disease has a sudden onset with the animal showing signs of depression. Other signs include vomiting and diarrhoea, with faeces being watery, extremely foul-smelling and having an orange-yellow colour. Blood may be present. Rapid deaths can follow infection in a young animal, mainly from dehydration and sometimes involvement of the heart muscle. When you suspect Parvovirus in your animal contact your Vet first. Parvovirus can be supported with Homeopathy.


Skin problems, incl. itching, eruptions, unhealthy smelly skin & parasites

Skin disease is often an outwardly expression of serious internal chronic disease. Skin disease can be upsetting, because the symptoms are very visible and the animal can be quite uncomfortable. Recovery can take a long time and takes patience and trust. This can be challenging if your dog is itchy and constantly scratching.

Causes for skin issues are wide and varied. A good diet including fresh food and raw meat is important in all disease, but especially in skin disease. Other causes of skin issues can be allergies, a weak immune system, parasites and emotional stress. Please contact me to discuss your dog’s specific skin problem. Skin problems can be treated with Homeopathy.



Dogs do vomit once in a while and it is a way for the dog to get rid of spoiled or rancid foods. Dogs are scavengers, so there is quite a chance that they sometimes eat something that they better had not.

However some commercial foods contain rancid animal products, so they can also lead to gastrointestinal problems. A simple change in diet containing fresh food and raw meat could resolve a vomiting problem in many cases. However if the vomiting continues or is a chronic issue you should go to your Vet first for an examination. Vomiting can be treated with Homeopathy.



Dog success stories

Cocker Spaniel with epilepsy – Homeopathy

Black Cocker Spaniel

This poor dog developed epileptic fits out of the blue when she was three years old. She had them every 12 days and 4 to 5 in a row. The Vet could not find a cause and tried to solve the problem with a change in diet. This did not work and the dog was prescribed Phenobarbital, a sedative. This also did not get rid of the fits, but they were reduced to once every 4 weeks, but still 4-5 in a row.

I met this dog three years later in October 2010 and was able to find a suitable Homeopathic remedy. After the dog was given the remedy it never had an epileptic fit again. The dog is off the sedative and a happy dog again. (Note: The dog has died about 6 years later from old age)


Boomer with separation anxiety – Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy

This dog was extremely fearful of being left alone and being separated from its owners. It would jump up against doors and poo and pee in the house from anxiety. Besides making a few changes for the dog at night-time, I prescribed a Homeopathic remedy, which made a huge difference. The dog became a lot more relaxed.

I also gave it a Bowen treatment (which the dog loved!!) and the dog can now be left alone during the day without any problem and also at night the dog is now relaxed. No more panic!



Chihuahua with sore front leg, was aggressive – Bowen Therapy


This little dog had a fractured front leg as a puppy and had since been quite aggressive towards strangers, probably as a result of lingering pain. I had quite an amazing experience with this dog. Initially she was very aggressive towards me. I asked the owner to walk the dog back and forth on a leash so I could see her movements. I was sitting on the floor a couple of meters away. Out of the blue, the little dog walked towards me and put her head under my hands. She was not aggressive anymore and I could touch her everywhere. She must have felt my good intentions. I was able to treat her and she was sleeping in my arms at the end. Already after the first treatment there had been a great improvement. She was a lot less aggressive and could move her leg more freely. She had 2 more treatments and has been fine since.


Prince Charles Cavalier with Arthritis – Bowen Therapy

Prince Charles Cavalier

This older dog had been getting stiff and sore in her hip joints, especially after walks. At times the owners needed to use pain medication to help her in her movements, particularly in climbing stairs in the later part of the day and evening.

After three Bowen Therapy sessions she was able to walk more freely and the owners were able to reduce the pain medication significantly.



Welsh Springer Spaniel cross with hind quarters out of sync – Bowen Therapy


This young dog was feeling uncomfortable and stiff in his hind quarters and was constantly stretching his hind legs. When walking him he looked hunched up and stiff. He was a bit large for his breed. The owners suspected there was some Irish Setter in him.

He received two Bowen treatments initially and was a lot better after that. He needed one more treatment a month later and has been fine since.


If your dog has health or other issues and you would like to discuss potential treatment with Bowen Therapy or Homeopathy, please contact me per email or call me on 07 548 0824.



The information contained in this website is not intended to replace guidance from your veterinarian. Bowen Therapy and Homeopathy are complementary to veterinary treatment and the general care of the animal.